May 9, 2009

In this economy...

One must be thrift.

Because the Wedding will be outdoors, with no one overseeing the goings-on aside from ourselves, much of the implements that would normally be rented, are having to be bought or... rethought.

All this weekend, IKEA held a 7% discount to offset sales tax. On top of the discount we already have from working there, now was the time to strike. Dani and I gathered up some of the reception essentials in bulk, and I had the pleasure of hauling it 1.1 miles it back to the house.

130 napkins, 48 candles/holders, 14 flat sheets (don't ask), 11 woven rugs, 8 pairs of mesh curtain, and 4 serving trays.

1 comment:

  1. So, the real question is whether the sporty cart is yours, rented, or newly purchased? And, if newly purchased, how will it be utilized at the wedding, reception, or life after vowels? Love you guys! ~ Deb