Apr 20, 2009

What a Day!

Stephe and I finished up the Save the Dates today and will be mailing them soon! Exciting.

Recently he and I went for a visit to our friends home, which is the site for our Wedding. Stephen and I met both Matt and Dan Spaeth in elementary school and shared much of our childhood passing time in the orchards or building bonfires in their backyard. The Spaeth's home is a place filled with many memories for both of us, and a lot of our friends.

Having our wedding there feels right for us. A comfortable place that has much to do with where we are today. We are grateful for Dan allowing us to have the Wedding at his home, and hope that our family and friends enjoy their time in the place Stephe and I grew up together.


  1. "Having our wedding there feels right for us"

    And thats is all that matters

  2. yeah I am so happy for the both of you love lou