Jun 23, 2009

The Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Attire

Stephen and I have been receiving a lot of questions/concerns about what to wear to our wedding. We have compiled a series of images of "don'ts" and "do's" in regards to clothing for the day. What I can say is that the weather in late September is usually pretty mild and comfortable. The wedding is in a backyard so formal attire is not necessary and we set up some guide lines below that should help you out .

First, formal attire is not needed for our wedding.
Next, Stephen and I love our subculturally inclined family and friends, but at the wedding the hairstyle our punk rocker in the Misfits jacket is sporting would be a hazard. Don't dress like a pirate either. Prom gowns probably won't work out. They could become a fire hazard around the bonfire.

Dracula has the layering thing down, hes got a shirt, the cloak, the vest, that's all great...but try not to scare anyone with your ensemble, try. Don't wear
Hawaiian shirts or cargo shorts, there are fine for the beach and cool pool parties, but our wedding is the first week of autumn, think seasonally. Pants would be a plus at night when it gets a little chilly. Now, the lady in the leopard suit...you probably shouldn't wear this outfit, but if you really want to we can talk about it. More importantly , don't wear high heals. The ground is soft here, grassy, and you will get stuck. Think flat, or wedge.

Now for the "do's". What is most important to Stephen and I is that our family and friends feel comfortable and like themselves at our wedding. We are working very hard to make sure the wedding is a reflection of us and would not want anyone to feel that they cannot be themselves at our celebration. The recommendations we have for attire are mainly for safety and comfort. We wouldn't recommend open toed shoes, its outside, you will get rocks in there, and your toots's may get chilly. We do recommend layers, bring a sweater, wear tights, have a jacket in the car. We will have a bonfire at night to snuggle by and there is a tent so all kinds of weather has been planned for . Dress comfortably but nicely, like you would for a special picnic or a dinner out with friends. But don't forget to be yourself. Be creative. Wear a hat! Wear a handle bar moustache! Wear yellow pants! And if you really feel like wearing a bear suit, we can talk about it.

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